Bookmark Me features

Bookmark Me is efficient and supports the main social platforms. By the way ... it's free!

How it works

When a Visitor wants to share or bookmark your website, he can simply click on the Bookmark Me link/button. He will be redirected (in a new window) to a landing page that pre-processes the integration with the social platforms.
We will not add advertisements to the landing page that will remain minimal and streamlined. The social platforms are presented in a sticky and simple way that does not confuse the Visitor. This is also why we don't add tons of platforms as other services do.
The Visitor can bookmark or share your website basically without typing anything; a couple of clicks and it's done.

Supported Platforms

Your Visitor will be redirected to a landing page like this.
This page allows the Visitor to select, among the main social platforms, where he/she wants to bookmark or share your website. We update constantly these links in order to keep them integrated with the social platforms. Periodically we add a new platform. Here below a snapshot of the landing page:

Support Platform


Bookmark Me provides a simple link that should be put into your HTML pages. In this way, it does not require the loading of additional coding and images.
This is the most efficient way to guarantee that the bookmarking function does not impact negatively the performances of your website. As you may know, this is extremely important when it comes to the way Search Engines digest your website.